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RubyPikachu is a member at Route 50, whose Pokésonas are always half ruby-red and Pikachu-yellow. She is commonly associated with explosions and Master Hand, who is either her father or her stalker. She carries the Random Button, which has a chance of causing Bob-ombs to rain down from the ceiling, summoning Master Hand, or causing Ruby herself to explode.

She is an oft-ignored member who recieves constant attacks from various members, mostly Bronies and Herdies. Although she dislikes these attacks, she hypocritically attacks the Bronies/Herdies for just mentioning FiM, including her best friends Cutie_Eevee and Twill. Alongside her supporting MysteriousVaporeon's late group, Anti-Bronies, being a major part of the group's attacks which ended in its deletion, and being a spoilt whingy brat a lot of the time, this all adds up to Ruby being one of the worst members on Route 50.

She has gone into spriting, drawing and writing, but she is only really happy with the results of her spriting. She becomes unconfident with her drawing skills upon exposure of any of Frosti's drawings a lot, and she has no confidence in her writing, period, which is also part of the reason she doesn't roleplay much at all. When she isn't spriting or drawing, she is usually working on her ROM hack of Pokémon Emerald, which features several Route 50 members and is making very slow progress.

Her most notable character is arguably Tace, who is Master Hand in the form of a human. As Tace, Master Hand is considered to be Ruby's stalker; however, as a giant hand, he is considered to be Ruby's father. It is disturbingly unknown what Master Hand's connection with Ruby is precisely. but she definitely doesn't have a crush on him. <w< >w>

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