Apocalypse was a popular roleplay series from the early days of Eevee's HQ v3. It spanned two roleplays in 2008, followed by a prequel in 2010.

A New Era

Duration: July 8, 2008 - August 17, 2008

Apocalypse: A New Era was Hana-Chan's first RP and the first title in the series. The story featured a forest overrun by evil Pokemon, strong enough to defeat the forest's residents. Joining forces, the characters began to fight back against the evil Pokemon to save the forest. Over the course of the story, they evil Pokemon were revealed as an army led by Darkrai.

The roleplay continued for some time after Darkrai's defeat. Toward the end, the Pokemon world and the human world merged, causing the characters to transform into humans.

This roleplay remains notable as the longest in Route 50 history, as well as one of the few roleplays to complete its storyline. It is also one of the fastest, spanning a little over a month.

A Future of Darkness

The sequel, Apocalypse: A Future of Darkness, expanded on the evil Pokemon army. Set five years later, it featured a Purugly, Trish (introduced as a Glameow in the first RP), as the new leader of the evil Pokemon, which now threatened to overrun the entire world. In response, Celebi and Shaymin began raising their own army to combat Trish's.

To prevent returning players from reusing their characters, Trish was said to have captured the heroes of A New Era. Unlike the first RP, roleplayers were allowed to create characters for either army.

While A Future of Darkness had a fair amount of activity, it could not replicate the success of the original and eventually died.

The Beginning

Apocalypse: The Beginning was a prequel made in early 2010, also intended as a series reboot. Set during the first arrival of evil Pokemon in the forest, it featured the forest's residents fighting back against the invasion. Celebi and Shaymin served as the forest's protectors, but were defeated by the evil Pokemon.

Unfortunately, the roleplay gained little attention, and was short-lived compared to its predecessors.

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