Arkangel, also known in certain circles as 'dotArch', 'Hell's Bungee', 'triplespace' and 'Mare' is a Rt50v2 member, gamer, writer, sketch artist and meme maker. By day, he posts less than funny memes, other paraphernalia found on the internet and occasionally musings from his own mind. He also helps newbies in the popular MMO EVE Online, giving his alternate character the slanderous (but true) title 'Carebear Commander'. By night, he does much the same, but with one exception - he changes into his main EVE character, Arch Mare. He flies around the sinful cesspits of New Eden, drinking the salty tears of his prey in the cockpit of a cloaked Manticore Stealth Bomber, pouncing on those with more money than sense. He lives by the motto: "If you can't fly your ship, torpedoes can fly it for you!"

He also writes fairly often, but never posts the fruits of his efforts due to its incompleteness or its lack of quality.

He also draws often, but despite owning three sketchpads, he draws in his mathematics books.

Another notable talent is his experience with giant killer robots, in both operation and construction.


Arkangel's Persona is a raven haired, golden eyed man donning a golden jacket and a white and orange "Wingspan Delivery Services - Torpedo Delivery" t-shirt.

His Pokesona is a Lucario with a sandy coloured hooded scarf.


Arkangel will often avoid open, honest combat with his opponents, instead preferring to use guile as his primary weapon. His subversive and clandestine means of operation also involve tricking the weak-minded out of their hard earned cash and tearing apart organizations from the inside by exploiting trust (or the lack thereof) and generally being a slippery eel. When forced to, however, Arkangel will not hesitate to "deliver high quality torpedoes -service with a smile!" from the helm of a Stealth Bomber.

Outside of interstellar combat, he swears by his trusty Fusion Shotgun and Railgun when not stabbing people in the back with a variety of shivs and sharpened, frozen sausages.

He also has powers associated with the desert, including sucking the life out of living creatures by means of exposure to the elements, sped up a thousandfold.



Arkangel is part of the Four Regents, the heroes that recued the world from Mewtwo in the roleplay Times of Darkness. He is best friends and ex-schoolmate of Metatyph in real life, and is consequently also friends with Kai.


Arkangel used to be the CEO of Ark Manufacturing Industries, an ammunition, weaponry and starship mass production company based in Fera (a solar system in the Caldari region of New Eden), however following a fracas involving some subterfuge within a rival company the reins have been handed to his ally, student and friend Nixo Blane. The company now operates under a different name.

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