Back to Basics: Playing in the Woods was a roleplay in 2013. It was designed to be a simple roleplay in the hopes of reminding community members why they loved roleplaying in the first place.


Part 1: Forest

  • A Poochyena, a Girafarig, a Snivy, an Eevee, and a Flaaffy run into each other in the woods.
  • A Seviper, a Kirlia, a Luxio, a Sneasel, and a Flareon stalk, but are interrupted by a rampaging Donphan.
  • The Pokemon team up on the Donphan, who is poisoned, burned, and buried by a minor landslide.
  • An Articuno blasts a hill, causing a second landslide. The ground caves in, exposing a cavern with a lake. 
  • Half the party falls down and becomes trapped in the CAVES. The other half escapes into the FOREST.

Part 2: Rainstorm


  • The party deals with newcomers, including a Deerling/Pachirisu couple, and a troublesome Vulpix. 
  • The Vulpix harasses Caesar, but is defeated. Seeker breaks his wing. Caesar finds a cabin.
  • It starts raining. Set and Tom wander off from the others. Tom finds Seeker, Set finds Darren.


  • The party looks for a way out of the cave while dealing with various injuries and romantic tension. 
  • Patches overexerts himself while saving his brother from a Golbat swarm. A small lake is found.
  • It starts raining. The party escapes the flooding cave through the lake into another cavern.

Part 3: Split Party


  • Night falls. The party continues looking for shelter. Set and Cherise find Darren's raft and supplies.
  • Darren and Seeker begin recuperating. Seeker wakes up and stops the rain, but it is still night. 
  • The party regroups. Seeker is unhappy to be ignored by the others. Seviper meets Zangoose.


  • Night falls. Quip-Patches-Luau tensions come to a head, but are resolved with friendship.
  • The rain stops. The group falls asleep; after waking, they explore a tunnel, still looking for a way out.
  • A Pikachu falls into the cave; she is mistaken for an attacker. Adelaide spares her. Patches KOs Sparks.
  • Scrap attacks Patches, Luau attacks Scrap. Morgan heals Sparks' wounds while Quip breaks up the fight. 

Part 4: Chaparral

  • Morning arrives. Morgan leads the cave group up out into the chaparral. A Deino follows them.
  • One-by-one, the forest group wanders off, following scent-trails to the chaparral group.
  • A Suicune harrasses Darwin and Darren. Indigo gets caught in the crossfire, but Morgan saves her.


Grey rows indicate an inactive character. Only characters whose owners explicitly remove them from the roleplay will have their rows deleted. Appearance/personality blurbs are shortened to keep the rows short. Legendaries are only allowed if there is a good argument that they fit in the roleplay. In this case, Phione is not considered a legendary. 

Name Species Sex Player Appearance Personality
Pyre Flareon M Pokey Shiny Protective and stern
Quip Poochyena M Sparkleaf Normal Poochyena Carnivorous but jaunty.
Tom Girafarig M SkyWarrior Shiny Calls his tail "Pebbles".
Jole Flaaffy M Twill Has a pink bow tied to his tail. Quirky and curious
Luau Umbreon F Atar Shiny. White plumeria bloom on right ear. Like Atar's. Likes tropical things
Felix Luxio M Atar White hind fur, ribbon on tail Quiet, has a faint heart
Scrap Luxio M Mysterious Vaporeon Has fur that changes with his mood Sneaky, a bit antisocial
Caesar Seviper M Shadowcorphish Has blue blood Mischeivous,smooth-talking, calm
Adelaide Kirlia F Twiggy Wears silver bracelets and a scarf Whimsical and relaxed
Crank Archen M Pokey Shiny. Has gold eyes Hot-tempered and easily angered
Set Sneasel M Kai Wears a Zigzagoon-pattern poncho Cool and collected, but flustered easily
Lex Munchlax M Lethalabsol Normal Munchlax Friendly and happy
Indigo Skitty F Cutie_Eevee Shiny. Annoyingly optimistic
Skandar Cyndaquil M Pope Dressed in a hipster outfit Perserveres
Patches Floatzel M Pokey Black fedora and a red patchwork scarf Adventurous, gets into trouble. Has crush on Luau
Seeker Articuno M SkyWarrior Normal Articuno Angry, doesn't enjoy happiness. The first Articuno
Darren Vulpix M Sparkleaf Wears a black bowtie.  Not that nice.
Leslie Pachirisu M Bee 1’2”. Head stripe curves toward left eye. Black tie, accessories bag.

Cherise's boyfriend. Emotional, pretends to be tough, wealthy.

Cherise Deerling F Frosti Wears a little wreath of flowers on her head

Leslie's girlfriend. Girly, practical, blunt

Sparks Pikachu F Pokey Fluffy,shiny; bangs, black-rimmed glasses, neon green bandanna Hot temper, tomboyish, immature, tends to talk a lot
Morgan Umbreon M SkyWarrior Similar build to a rabbit. Gray rings, brown eyes. Very curious and a little childish.
Hermes Zangoose M Shadowcorphish Shiny Zangoose with red claws. A little on the quiet side sometimes, but also a little kind.
Zapper Pikachu M Thunder Normal Pikachu Kind, caring, helpful, loyal to his friends, good-hearted
Pallas Glaceon M Maestra Slightly larger than normal Aloof, logical, formal speaking
Sapphire Suicune F Atar Shiny fur and mane (rest is normal) Stuck up, rude, envious, feral
Aqua Phione F EeveeLove20 Has yellow gem Skittish and shy

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