basscannon's Pokesona


basscannon's Persona



basscannon is a member of Route 50. She can be random at times, and enjoys puns. She claims to be a cannibalistic Joltik, but there is no proof on this.


  1. Pokesona: A black Joltik with green eyes and feet wearing a red and gray Sylveon bow.
  2. Persona: A girl with disordered black hair, green eyes, and glasses. Bass wears a black (and somewhat white) hoodie, black pants, grey shirt. Also a spiked collar, a red cloth tied around her left leg, and the bow she wears in Joltik form.
  3. Krambass: Due to the Krampus movie, Bass decided to become the Krampus of Christmyste, hence Krambass.


  • Glomp
  • Discharge
  • Electro Web
  • Bug Bite
  • Bug Buzz


  • bass enjoys drawing genderbent
  • has a list of Route 50 members as food
  • sometimes calls MysteriousVaporeon, EmVee out of endearment.
  • bass loves morbid things, but dislikes most horror movies
  • she lives under MV's hat
  • SuperbSylveon is her real life little sister
  • probably a yandere (a level 1 at best)

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