Bear (a.k.a. Dora) is a mysterious creature regarded as a deity on Route 50. She is a character from episode 1x03 of the 2003 television series, Dead Like Me.

Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me is about a bunch of modern-day reapers, they're basically dead people whose souls didn't move on, and their job is to collect souls from people before they die so that they don't go through the agony of death.

In episode 1x03, "Curious George", there is a bear being held in a cage. Some protesters get too close to the cage, the bear gets free, and claws their faces (soul collected).

Later there's a bunch of reporters and a big crowd around the bear's cage the bear gets free again, everyone panics and flees, and a reporter pisses his pants so badly that a puddle forms and touches a frayed wire and he gets electrocuted (soul collected)

An animal control officer is then about to shoot the bear when the main character shoves the officer from behind and throws off his aim; bear escapes into the wild and is never seen again.

Bear's actual name is Dora but we simply call her bear because it's easier to remember


This is a list of all the known Route 50 member who worship Bear.

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