bovinlep (all lower case) is a member of Route 50, who mostly posts drawings and occasionally posts in the forums.


Not much has been revealed by Bovin about himself, besides the fact that he draws fairly frequently. He began drawing mostly Pokemon gijinkas and Fire Emblem fanart before he started posting his OCs.

His (unofficial) mascots are a boy named Wally, and a girl named Homura, whom he draws quite often.

He once unintentionally destroyed Artist's Alliance by uploading 30 images within the span of 3 days. He is still unsure why he thought that was a good idea.

He gets pretty moody and stressed whenever he feels like he's ignored (more than just an attention whore thing), or whenever his drawings are crap.


  • He's Canadian.
  • He knows another user named Toxikyle in real life.
  • His Tumblr art blog can be found at

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