Kat, Navarr, and Electron (Lec) walked into the bar. While Kat and Navarr were sitting and waiting for their drinks, Electron went to the bathroom but got lost and was never seen again. After a while Kat said "Navarr I think we lost Electron" Navarr replied "Are you sure?" Then Kat replied "I'M POSITIVE!" in which she tased Navarr. In Electron's absense the bar became positively charged.


The Route50 Table is a collection of elements and compounds found or constructed by MysteriousVaporeon and various other Routeites. There is currently only one compound in the table, but this is expected to change rapidly.

Parts of an Atom

The Route50 Table has a vast number of elements contained within it, these elements are made out of three simple sub atomic particles. Katons, Navarrtrons, and Electrons.


Katons are a positively charged subatomic particle, these particles have tiny golden crowns on them and are often found close to Navarrtrons, tasering them into obedience.














Twillium, two parts Tea, one part Rum, three parts crazy.


Twillium is a recently discovered Compound on the Route50 Table. Composed of 33% tea, 17% rum, and 50% crazy, Twillium can be an extremely dangerous and addictive substance. Twillium is ingested as a liquid, typically disguised somewhat as tea, effects of contamination vary from increased randomness to occasional sneezing fits, thus making contamination hard to detect.

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