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ChocolateEevee, better known as Choco, is a long-standing and highly creative member of Route 50. She is easily recognized by her signature "Choco dialect" or "Choco-speak", which consists of breaking up a sentence or thought into a string of short chat-posts. Although this is a common phenomenon amongst Cali members, it is most easily associated with the youthful Choco.

In the chat, ChocolateEevee commonly characterizes herself as a British Pilot Eevee or a Garchomp, due to her playfully destructive tendencies. She loves iScribbling, Subeta-ing, GPXing, Minecrafting, and Transformicing. She is one of Frosti's closest and oldest friends, and they have maintained a rather vivid friendship which has remained strong throughout the years.

Choco is also a highly avid Legend of Zelda fan. Attempting to steal Link away from her may cause Choco to sic a train upon the perpetrator.

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