Crisis on Multiple PokeWorlds is a roleplay started on April 20, 2014. It combines characters from multiple roleplays and stories, and addresses the fictional "multiverse."


Name Species Original World/Story Owner Notes
Insyte Flareon LotE/PttR Sparkleaf Charismatic. Can read/write human language.
Sparktail Raichu LotE/PttR Sparkleaf Blue Orb powers
Chardonnay Sylveon BG/Askblog Nepeta Winemaking.
Quip Mightyena BG/PitW Sparkleaf
Patchouli Human StEBverse Maestra Uxie's powers
Sonia Human StEBverse Maestra
Metatyph Tempest Human (original fiction) Metatyph Child of Viridian; can speak to Pokemon
Olivia Sylveon BG/Askblog SkyWarrior Is secretly a Xerneas
Luau Umbreon BG/PitW Nepeta
Winchester Sylveon BG/Askblog SkyWarrior Cursed mask.
Hidden Ninetales LotE/PttR; BG
Chi Pikachu Chi's story Fexible PMD2 hero; Dimensional Scream
Dorian Grovyle Chi's story Fexible Time Gear Thief

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