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Cutie Eevee nomming a cupcake

Cutie_Eevee (formerly Pichulala) is an old-time, yet young member of Route 50. She joined at a young age around the time Route 50 was first released. She was bubblier, cheerful, and much more immature when she was more active on the site. Now she is a bit quieter in result of her hiatus.


CE's pokesona is a spiky-eared Pichu with a red flower on her left ear. Her persona is a brown-haired girl in pigtails with green eyes. She wears a simple red blouse with a purple flower design on it (for specifics, could be an African Violet), a black skirt with suspenders, and Mary Janes.


The girl was at a time infamous for constantly requesting to cameo in comics and stories, and asking for art of her personas and pokesonas. She also had a reputation of having a deep, intense obsession with sweets of the sorts. How did that originate? She often threw candies about the chatroom, at unexpected, random times. All of that soon died down in the times she began to become more inactive on the site. Every time she remembers her past, she often cringes. No, wait, not often. ALWAYS. first rule about pichulala: dont talk about pichulala

CE used to actively participate in roleplays on the site when she was active, but now rarely even checks the forums. She plans to change that, though. ...Eventually. She used to write many stories, but often cast many, many, many ideas and starting stories off, mostly because of temporary writer's block. At one very short time, she took an attempt of sprite editing, mostly splicing. She stopped that, too.

Her interests include a variety of anime series and video game series, now mainly Pokemon, Dangan Ronpa, Smash Brothers, and Animal Crossing. Of course, the list of series she enjoys is continuing to grow. She's also a fan of some Vocaloid producers, like Kikuo.


CE generally kept a friendly relationship with everyone, and often hung out with AnExplodingRuby. Soon after Ruby had left, though, she began hanging out with Pokey more, often off-site. They became closer friends through their roleplays together, and the realization that they both liked the same series, Dangan Ronpa. CE still continues to keep in contact with Ruby through Skype, however.

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