A long-time user, who despite being #3, is prone to the status of 'lurking'. Dark is known in another realm as Kiera. Due to long periods of absence, it is not always known whether or not she is actually still alive. However, during her infrequent and often short periods of online status Dark has been known to achieve a level of SUPER ACTIVITY in which she finds sudden inspiration for creating new base styles, uploading to the gallery and annoying commenting on the bases of other members she refers to as 'friends'.

It has been learnt that there are several ways to attract Dark back to the level of SUPER ACTIVITY. Firstly, you can inspire her to make a base style so simply... inspiring that she will simply not move from the computer until said base style has been created and perfected. Secondly, Dark can be attracted by mentions of her favourite TV series Chuck or discussions on her recently re-discovered love for the Pokemon TCG.

Dark doesn't really have a pokesona anymore, though due to her former screen name 'Dark Rukario', she is often associated with Lucario.

Despite being often difficult to locate, Dark can frequently be found madly clicking on GPX+ .