Doodlethingsss~ @w@

Doodlethings are small quick drawings of Frosti's which are drawn cutely and adorably, in a chibi style. Each doodlething is drawn to resemble an animal of some sort, usually a cat, though there are a wide variety of doodlethings. They are drawn with nearly no details, and are most commonly found on Frosti's school papers as a result of her boredom.

Frosti has the ability to mass produce tons of doodlethings at a time, making one of her personal armies. This doodle army consists mostly of doodlecats.

Contrary to popular belief, doodlecats are of little relation to foodcats. For one, doodlecats all look exactly the same, and are drawn in roughly five to ten seconds. Foodcats, on the other hand, are legitimate drawings of cats that are based on kinds of food.

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