Chookie, also known as Eevee90899, is a 15 year old female and a sophomore in high school. She enjoys writing dark stories, different kinds of art and music. She has been off and on, but as of late she is usually active in the stream and has been a member of the route for five years and 3 months.


This knife stains a painful, but peace loving melody and it will take away your last breath.

–Chookie, 2017

Chookie first really gained her companions on Route50 through roleplays. She's generally friendly, a weirdo, and can be blunt and open minded. She has been known for being emotionally biased, and when angered can become increasingly aggressive.

Every since the forums died she's been known as the ghost of Route50, coming on and off every 4 months or so.

She loves to express herself and does so via stream or any of her pieces. (of art duh lol)

Her closest friend on the website would be Nepeta or thekingofpillowland or Kittu. Due to her being a massive roleplayer they are who she interacted with most.


Chookie loves art, gore, sexual themes, deep messages, suicidal thoughts, romance, memes, different anime and cartoon fandoms, literature, and music. In the future she hopes to be a successful artist and portray the messages in her heart to other people. And she really, really likes cute stuff.

Original Characters and Personas


ChooChoo: A girl with loopty low buns and shiny black, straight hair. Loves wearing long sleeves and shorts.

Annie: Just an Eevee right now.

Journey: Journey is a partially tabby cat.

Original Characters:

Rika: A girl with blackish brownish hair and high twin buns. Mostly drawn for mascot purposes on her dA.

Abii: Pink hair and tanned skin. Currently collecting dust.

Antoki: Pink swirly hair and demon horns and tail. Drawn for fun.

Azusa: Rika's little sister. Short, chestnut hair. Also collecting dust.

Azami: Long black twin tails. Also collecting dust.

Outside of the Internet

Chookie has no job. She's a nobody. She hangs out with friends after school, on weekends and during the summer. She also participates in ROTC activities like drill team, color guard, doing honor guards and volunteer work during school. She's also operated in the Ellijay parade for AFJROTC.


Deviantart: Only really active on the art side.

Wattpad: Active for writing and nerdy things.

Twitter: Barely on but checkable

Instagram: Usually online, never posts or speaks

Tumblr: Forgot it existed and left it to rust

Discord: lianni#5954 - always online and chatty

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