At Route 50, members tend to explode on a regular basis, due to a variety of stimuli in the environment. Certain members, such as Frosti, ChocolateEevee, and RubyPikachu, tend to explode more often than others for reasons that are not fully understood. Although explosions are usually considered lethal in real life, revival is usually very quick, leaving the member free to explode again in a matter of seconds.


There are three highly common causes of explosions:

  • Poking
  • Extreme emotions, such as strong excitement or strong confusion

Interestingly enough, despite the fact that bazookas are commonplace on Route 50, such weapons are rarely ever the cause of explosions.

Known explosion cases


Frosti was known for exploding on a regular basis for extreme excitement and/or confusion, requiring revival nearly every five minutes. In an attempt to stop this constant exploding, she taped a Poliwag to her head, utilizing its Damp ability for her benefit. This worked for the first day or so, but the Poliwag then escaped, leaving her to futher explosions. Soon after this, a member used his Pokeray to give Frosti the Damp ability, which has so far been successful in keeping her from exploding.


As the Spriters' Nightmare, Sky tends to burst randomly into a pile of fur in response to extreme confusion or extreme fright. Frosti usually sweeps up the pile of Sky afterwards, allowing Sky to reform herself without the need of usual revival methods. It is unknown why this occurs; however, it has not happened since Sky adopted her Police Hound form.


Ruby's battle class is the Demolitionist, and has a strong affinity for Bob-ombs. She has the ability to explode on will, usually for her own amusement. Her Random Button has a chance of causing herself to explode, or causing Para-bob-ombs to rain down from the ceiling. Her explosion abilities are well-known, and have become a regular part of Route 50 life.