The Grifray is freaking dangerous. Don`t. Touch. It.

The Grifray is a dangerous Pokemon created from a failed Breeding Attempt by Pokey including a Luxray and a Ho-Oh. It has large, sharp claws on its hands, walks on its hind legs, can fly, and is very fast. Pokey keeps it locked away in her basement, in a (hopefully) Grifray-Proof cage. If released, it can (and maybe will) destroy the CBox. Hopefully `The Grifray Incident` Will never happen. Ever. So don`t go into Pokey`s basement.

The Grifray Incident

Somehow the Grifray got a hold of a cloning device and soon after, a flood of Grifrays began to set fire to the Cbox. Pokey was dragged out of the Cbox by 2, and was soon after mauled. MV flooded the Cbox, and drowned a few. Parts of the ceiling collapsed after the fires went out, crushing unlucky Pokesonas that were caught underneath. The Grifrays soon fled to the top of the Cbox, and the weight becan to crush the ceilings of many floors of the Cbox. MV claimed Pokey was hallucinating, but Pokey proved they were there by drop-kicking one. The Grifrays were still cloning, so Pokey went and destroyed her cloning machine. But MV got there before her ans sapped it in PErsona form. THERES A SPAH `ROUND HERE! Soon, all of the Grifrays were gone, with the Cbox in bad shape. Everyone began to repair it and lived happily ever af-


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