Groups is a feature of Route 50 that allows members to socialize with each other and gather gallery entries, officially released on December 31st, 2010. Route 50 users are permitted to have ownership of up to four groups, while Cooltrainer status allows a user to own a fifth. Members of a group may add gallery entries to a group's gallery and initiate Discussions- comment threads. Group admins are permitted to: 1) remove or invite members, 2) remove gallery entries, and 3) post News entries. Typically, a Group's homepage features a list of officers, a Featured Submission widget, a Recent Gallery Submissions widget, a list of new members, the most recent News post, and a list of discussions.

Types of Groups

Official groups

There are four "official" Groups in the community, denoted by a marble law house icon. The four Official groups are: The Signpost, The Artist's Alliance, The Reader's Circle, and the Writer's Guild. The Signpost is the official Route 50 Group and is operated by Kat, while the latter three are operated by Rt50 Executive Xetaja.

Pokemon Coalitions

There are numerous Pokemon coalition groups across Route 50 oriented around a single Pokemon species. Each Pokemon coalition group usually has a patron nation whose flag acts as the background of its icon. The trend began when Sparkleaf created the Furret Alliance (currently owned by Frosti) with three Furrets over a German flag background and the slogan "Wiensor Energie". The Pokemon coalition groups include:

Name Owner Country Slogan Mascot
Furret Alliance Frosti Germany WIESENIOR ENERGIE! Scout (Furret)
Floatzel Force Grovyle Britain Mustéflott et mon droit Fo'shizzle (Floatzel)
Cherrim Clique Hana-Chan Japan チェリムは最高です! N/A
Pummeluff League RubyPikachu N/A We've got Jigglypuffs! Purin (Jigglypuff)
Froslass Faction Nechaken Canada Avant tout, nous sommes Momartik Belle (Froslass)
Linoone League Sparkleaf U.S. Linoone and justice for all! Kayla (Linoone)

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