A pot of HTML soup, served at Spark and Leaf.

HTML Soup can be one of two things, either a useless and unreadable jumble of HTML tags in web design, or a special kind of alphabet soup.

Special Alphabet Soup

In the case of real soup, HTML Soup is a modification of standard alphabet soup that includes the characters <, / and >, thereby transcending standard alphabet soup and becoming HTML Soup (other categories include the broad SGML Soup, XML Soup, Greater-than Relation Soup and Random ASCII Arrow Soup).

This kind of soup usually comes in a bag along with a W3C soup validator that checks tags in your soup for compliance against a chosen doctype declaration.


HTML Soup is composed of unparsed or useless html tags, either as the result of Webs' SiteBuilder system or html regurgitation caused by the [rainbow] tags. It is considered a satisfying commodity to Rt50 members, though it can be unhealthy for the heart and the head, and the means of producing it are generally caused by glitches in coding.

HTML soup recipies vary from site to site, and even then different webpages may offer different tastes of HTML soup. Most HTML are rather starchy, however, due to <span style="ingredient:potato">.</span>

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