Being part of the internet, some members of Route 50 are fans of the webcomic Homestuck. They are sometimes referred to as Homestuckians, Homestuckers, or simply Homestucks.


In 2011, Homestuck gained overwhelming popularity on Route 50, even overtaking Pokemon content. This led to strong backlash from various members, some of whom themselves were dedicated readers of Homestuck. As one fan noted, "[Almost] everyone finds Homestuck cool, but most people hate the fans."

By the Gigapause of 2013-2014, the fandom had mostly calmed down, with some readers losing interest while a few detractors became readers. Others remained dedicated to or averse to Homestuck, up to and beyond the comic's finale on 2016.

Members by Classpect

Member Class Aspect Notes
Frosti Thief of Mind
Leopard Mage of Doom
Pope of
Maestra Witch of Breath
Max Prince of Light
DarkPegusus Prince of Blood One who destroys with the power of friendship, not to be confused with one who destroys friendship.
Fexible Knight of Time
Sparkleaf Rogue of Space "us fanfic writers gotta stick together"
KiraNarcissism Prince of Life
Pokey Mage of Space "i suffer because i create too much"
Darklite Rogue of Blood
Brae Sylph of Space Took the quiz here!
Cue Knight of Doom "what the hell is a homestuck"
thekingofpillowland Prince of Void

Fan Projects


During the fandom's boom in 2011, members took to using the pesterchum handles and typing quirks of their favorite characters. Much to Sky's annoyance, some roleplayers began writing in the second-person perspective associated with MSPA. There was also a Sburb roleplay in 2011.


As on many other art sites, Homestuck motivated various Rt50ites to create their own 'fantrolls', with their own Sgurb profiles. For a long time, Silvair was working on a project called Routebent that worked with everyone's fantrolls.


Due to the popularity of crackships in Route 50 roleplays, some began referring to crackships as "kissmessitude", referring to the black quadrant of Troll romance.

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