Sakai Kamichi, known to most as Kai, is a recent member of Route 50. She enjoys drawing humans and she has written a number of fanfictions.



Kai's Pokesona, as depicted by Metatyph


Kai's human form is a girl with sleek, jet black hair that is vrtually always in a ponytail, reaching her ankles. When it is not tied up, the tips drag on the floor. Her eyes are the color of amber/gold. She is usually depicted using a plain white shirt and jeans. A particular piece of jewelry she possesses is a jade necklace, carefully carved with the words Nu Wang, which means 'Queen'.


Her Pokesona is an Umbreon with blue eyes, also possessing a similar jade necklace with the same carvings.


In both forms, Kai draws her power from her jade necklace, pretty much like how Typh draws power from his straw hat . However, instead of having healing and telekinesis powers, she has the ability to slash just about any material in the universe into shreds.

Her elemental powers include Darkness, and she mysteriously obtained the powers of Death.

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