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Karkat's OC (Poki) and old Pokesona as drawn by Seromi.

Karkat has been a member on the glorious site for about ten years now, first creating his account when it was known as EeveesHQ. His previous usernames are poki_xweecario, Poki Xtremeon, and Poki.

The basics

Karkat's really not all that bad of a kid. Though he's lazy most of the time, he has his moments where he'll actually get up and do something. This happens occasionally, though.

He's a pretty nice fellow (unless, of course, provoked) and is happy to aid the new members in their quest to get to know the site. It's a shame he doesn't remember as much as he used to about Route 50.

One can rarely see him in the chat. It's best if you try to contact him over Twitter or Discord.


  • He used to have quite the beef with lurking, but is now impartial to it.
  • His strangest habit is joining RPs then quitting for no apparent reason.
  • He is a trans male.
  • Like Jade Harley from Homestuck, he has an interest in the furry fandom despite not being a furry himself.