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Kragonardy immediately before transformation of combined form.

The Kragonardy is a dungeon boss that DarkPegusus encountered on his travels. It is a combination of a kraken, a dragon, a wizard, and a puppy, the last of which is more dangerous than the first three combined. 



The Kragonardy's body is primarily a kraken, and thus it loves water. If it is not at least half submerged, attacks deal double damage. The room is flooded up to knee level when the battle starts. To dispel the water, remove the plug at the very bottom of the room. (DP had a Steelcupine unplug the water.)

If Kragonardy is surrounded by cattle, its defense is doubled. Although no cattle is in the boss room at the start, Gene Frenkleis present, and his cowbell summons cattle. The steel of Masamune, which is found earlier in the dungeon, can draw away the cattle. (DP's Steelcupine was augmented with Masamune bits, and so the Steelcupine drew away the cattle.)

Kragonardy's signature attack is the Flaming Soggy Kibble Spell, which has a 3/20 chance of denting shields. When it loses enough HP, it splits into its four components, and the second phase begins.

Four Bodies


The kraken is the largest, but the easiest, of the four to defeat. Its attacks resembles Magikarp's Splash attack, except that it has a change of killing you if it flattens you. To defeat it, use the Bane of the Kraken +3 (found earlier in the dungeon).


Wait long enough, and the dragon will fly away to visit her family.



Whatever you do, DON'T LOOK INTO ITS EYES.

Bonus Fifth Body (Squirrel)

If you attempt to use more than one summoned creature to help you defeat the Krakgonardy, the second summoning spell will call an evil squirrel instead of the intended creature. After defeating the Krakgonardy, the squirrel will consume any dead bodies on the field and transform into a second dungeon boss.


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