Leopard (a.k.a. ShadowSceptile, ShadowXD, Michael) is a Director of Route 50. He enjoys drawing furry art and composing music, usually Pokemon remixes. Though he rarely appears in the chat, he is generally active on Stream.


Leopard is a frequent artist and often submits artwork to the Galleries, including works that are not directly furry-related. As he is part of a furry community, his art is generally of various furry characters. He also participates in art trades with other members.

On Feburary 21, 2017, he posted a freaky-ass gif of Lillie galloping on all fours. The Stream promptly broke into chaos.

He was very close friends with Twill before the latter left the site.

After becoming staff, Leopard became infamous for high activity in the "Count until a moderator posts" game thread.


Leopard is, as previously mentioned, a furry.

His favorite Pokemon game is Pokemon XD.

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