Faculty Members

Founder: Lethalabsol

Lethalabsol built this school from scratch, man. From SCRATCH. You know, 40 base power, 100 accuracy, Normal type...

Robotics Teacher: MysteriousVaporeon

MysteriousVaporeon teaches young children how to construct robots and weaponry, as well as defense systems, computers, explosives, and other stuff. With proper fire safety precautions, of course.

Teacher: Xetaja

Xetaja's classroom is located on the third floor. The curriculum entails strict discipline, usually involving a misbehaving student passing through an open window.

Counselor: AngelicUmbreon

AngelicUmbreon will listen to all your problems, then offer you the best therapuetic solution possible: Random psychotic rampages. Some suspect her of plotting world domination.

Lunchlady: Sheep

Desert is rainbow pudding. Don't ask where it came from.

Librarian: Maestra

Maestra is chief librarian of Lethalcademy. Late book returners will have their books thrown at them.


Lethalcademy has a wide variety of lessons, ranging from Robotics to Gym class. Such lessons are highly dangerous and have been known to be fatal to those not well prepared for the activities.


Robotics class is taught by MysteriousVaporeon, a scientist well known of his dislike for all things cute and fluffy. MysteriousVaporeon starts classes with a quick game of destroy the Pony. After ensuring bloodlust runs high in his students, he then starts teaching his students how to hack sercurity networks, it has been suspected that he is preparing for an assault on Eeveebot.

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