This is a list of weapons.


By Owner

  • AnExplodingRuby's Random Button
  • AngelicUmbreon's Sword
  • DarkPegusus's Scythe
  • DarkPegusus's Spirit Looms
  • Frosti's Toast-Swords
  • Max's Guitar Sword
  • Maestra's Bookgun
  • Kat's Taser
  • Kat's Gavel
  • Kstan's Old Man Cane
  • Navarr's Longbow
  • MysteriousVaporeon's MechaTail
  • Pope's Cleansing Knife
  • SkyWarrior's Flamethrower
  • Sparkleaf's Lance
  • Twiggy's Bo-Staff
  • Twiggy's Throwing Knives
  • Twill's Chakram
  • Twill's Tessen
  • Xetaja's weapons, Correction and Retribution (usually swords)


  • Feesh
  • Bazooka

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