This is an incomplete list of running gags on Route 50.

Running Gags in Chat


  • Everyone secretly has an evil clone
  • TEMCO invades and secretly hires everyone
  • Lurkers were eaten by the Nommy Monster
  • Kat flirts with and/or tasers Navarr
  • Navarr demands tickets
  • Nick is not an admin
  • Someone destroys the world
  • Chat dies and requires CPR / Phoenix Feather


  • Seromi jumps off a cliff
  • SkyWarrior "persuades" people to post very loudly
  • Ruby presses the Random Button
  • Moon steals cookies
  • Fexible, Tanslec, Zoker, or Maestra lurks
  • Maestra stabs someone with the Seven Stakes of Purgatory
  • Kat panics via "Bregaaak"
  • Navarr smacks someone upside the head
  • MV gets pissed about ponies and murders all ponies in sight
    • Mew087123 or FishPaste turns MV into a pony
  • Sparkleaf rewrites another fanfic chapter
  • Chatters are shot at random
    • Nechaken is the one who sniped the chatter
    • Seromi holsters her BRS rifle
  • Twill noms on everyone in chat
    • SkyWarrior has mental breakdown
    • Sparkleaf kills Twill in revenge
    • Maestra shoots Twill with a book in response.
  • Sky throws dead people into SC
    • Someone throws SC into itself
  • Akwardphobicsmileyabsol dives into Youtube
  • Pokey gets drunk off of Brain Bleach
  • Atar throws various musical instruments at chatters


  • Ruby pops out from the ground
  • Pope enters in via "NINJAAAA"
  • Maestra enters via "poof"
  • Sparkleaf crashes into cbox on the back of a Skarmory or via dragoon jump
    • MV gets hit by Sparkleaf as the latter enters
  • Twill enters by nomming on someone
  • Pokey drop-kicks someone / bloops
  • MV or MatthewPatel enters by smashing through wall
  • Atar falls through the ceiling

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