Reason #1 to Lurk

Lurkers (not to be confused with stalkers, creepers, or ninjas) are people who hide in a chatroom without saying anything for extended periods of time (i.e. 5 minutes).The lighting in the cbox is designed to illuminate greatly the central area of the chat room, while the four corners are concealed in shadow. When one is hiding in said shadows quietly, one is considered to be lurking. It goes without saying that most Rt50ites have lurked at one point in time or another in their Route 50 career; however, some people are more likely to lurk than others. The most famous lurker on Route 50 is Fexible.

Why Some People Lurk

  • A lurker may be reluctant to speak when newbies have entered the chat, and moderators have not yet finished translating the newbie's dialect of JumpOnKeyboardese to English.
  • A lurker may be waiting for high-speed rapid conversations to subside
  • A lurker may have forgotten that they left the chatroom window/tab open.
  • A lurker may be hiding in the Emo Corner
  • A lurker may simply be Fexible, MysteriousVaporeon, or Zoker

Lurkers tend to be a pet peeve of certain other members. Maestra enjoys scaring lurkers out of hiding with her slasher smile.