luvdiscs are repulsive and probably should be eliminated


Just look at all that ugly.


This is what Luvdisc should really look like.

Luvdisc is widely regarded on Route 50 as one of the most horrible Pokemon ever to be spawned. Whenever anyone utters or types out its name, a puppy dies somewhere in the world. A popular belief is that Luvdiscs lure people in with false charms, not unlike the songs of Sirens from Greek mythology, before battering them to death with Heart Scales and/or drowning them.


According to Frosti, the Luvdisc are symbolic of deception, lies, and corruption. She asserts that, contrary to its Pokedex entry, whether a romantic couple fishes up a Luvdisc or not has no bearing on the extent of their love; it may be a sign of false love, but it may also be a sign that the Luvdisc envies the couple's true love and wishes to steal it.


Max secretly owns a Luvdisc fish farm, perhaps in revenge against Navarr for having his favorite bar blown up so many times. It is the only place Luvdiscs are allowed to breed on Route 50, and even then only in controlled periods. Luvdiscs are mass-frozen and sold to delis across the site.


Recently Sparkleaf was tainted by their evil[citation needed]. When he declared that he found them cute, he was declared insane. The one good thing that came of this was that Metatyph was inspired to barbecue Luvdiscs. Frosti stated that his "treachery against the Frost Kingdom will not be forgotten".