Maestra, firing a bookgun

Maestra (formerly Deivira) is an active member of Route 50 from the EHQ v3 era. She enjoys writing and roleplaying.


Maestra enjoys poofing into chatrooms and throwing books in the chat. She also tends to make objects out of books, such as fortresses or furniture. She is also a known user of "unusual weapons", such as books and book-guns.

Maestra is considered a Tsundere, often parodying the trope by spouting very stereotypical tsundere lines. She ended up being portrayed as such in Fate/Route. She's fond of the character trope as well, though she has a distaste for seriously violent ones, and as such a few of her original characters are tsundere.

Maestra at one point drew magic circles inside dry chatrooms, and sometimes added items associated with certain members to the circle in an attempt to summon the respective member. Other members will tend to add more items to the circle to make the summoning more powerful. She tends to refer successfully summoned members as "servants." Because of this, Sparkleaf became her servant in Fate/Route.

Maestra is considered SkyWarrior's daughter and MysteriousVaporeon's sister. She recently picked up her mother's habit for setting the chatbox on fire and often "bickers" with her brother, usually involving her disapproval of his Dio Brando favoritism (that she often exaggerates).

Maestra also sometimes feeds various members "Whatever ____'s Favorite Food is," produced by That Company. MV sometimes delivers shipments of it in the Mega Truck. The first incident of this was when she fed Sparkleaf "Whatever Kitsune's Favorite Food Is". DarkPegusus believes that this food may consist of humans, but this rumor is unconfirmed.

She met Sparkleaf in real life once, and intends to meet up with other Route 50 members in the future.


Maestra is well known for her love of anime and works with anime art styles. Her interest include Touhou, Love Live!, Idolm@ster, Persona, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and Type-Moon's works (particularly Fate/stay night). Like her cyber-mother, she is also a fan of Fire Emblem series.

She tends to refer her most favorite characters as "husbando" or "waifu" (using "spousu" as a collective term). Her "spousus" tend to be Tsunderes and/or have red hair, but not all of them. Her top waifu and husbando at the moment are Maki Nishikino and Noriaki Kakyoin respectively.


Maestra is the leader of StEB, and is considering remaking the story as a fanfic. She is also working on a Pokemon story taking place 25 years after StEB, which she usually refers to as "nothing," though she is too lazy hasn't completely worked out the details to write it. Possibly as a result, she has a fascination with the creative multiverse.


Persona: Brown hair, brown eyes, witch hat/outfit.

Pokesona: A red-and-blue Torchic wearing a witch hat, with colors similar to the Norwegian Flag.