Maestrodachi Life refers to Maestra's Tomodachi Life game. It follows the lives of the various anime, video game, and Route 50 Miis on Torchic Island. As of 9/15/2014, the island population is 71.

Route 50 Islanders

Notable Incidents

  • Fex rejecting every male islander who confesses their love to her.
    • However, Fex did not reject Insyte, and ended up marrying him.
  • MV marrying Rose, causing him to be the subject of Sky's wrath for a while.
    • MV is also the only islander to have three generations of family, leading to jokes such as "grandpa at 17" and "MVpocalypse", the theory his look-alike descendants might take over the island one day.
  • DP and Sky start dating.
  • A good majority of the Love Live! Miis dating and/or marrying Fire Emblem Awakening characters.
  • The majority of the Route 50 Islanders getting their own special song(s).
    • Spark's first song is written in "fox-ese" and consists entirely of the words "fox" and "foxy". His second song is an edited version of the default pop song with certain words being replaced with fox-related things.
    • Mae's song is a rap piece stating that she will threaten to throw books if the chat is dead.
    • MV's solo song is an opera about how he is truly evil. His group opera piece featuring Rose, Sky, and Mae details the story of his love life with Rose.
    • Fex's solo musical number is about interstellar travel. She has a duet with Insyte, a ballad about the events surrounding their love.
    • Sky's solo ballad song is about her ask blogs.
    • Nep's song is a techno tune about her president birb campaign.
  • FroFro's Bizarre Island Adventure, a side story where FroFro and her future descendants try fighting MVio's family.

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