A member (a.k.a. Rt50ite, Rt50ian, Shiokoite, Shiokian) is one of many internet users with an account at Route 50.

As with any other internet community, every member at Route 50 has his or own special talents and imaginary fighting style.


Route 50's members are diverse, and are difficult to sort into definite catagories. Typically, members are sorted by real-life locations or by talents


When sorted by talent, catagories often tend to overlap.


Route 50's largest talent-based catagory is that of artists. Due to close ties with dA and a dA-style gallery, talented artists often migrate from dA to post their works on Route 50. Talented artists include Xetaja, Miguel, Blizzard, LostItem, Cojirou, Articuno, Kstan, and countless others.


Poets and fiction writers are predominant on Route 50, due to the popularity of collaborative-story roleplaying. The more renowned roleplayers are often writers as well. Prolific writers on Route 50 include Seromi, Sparkleaf, SkyWarrior, Twill, DarkPegusus, and Music, amongst others.


Route 50's members include those talented in computer programming, including Kat, Navarr, Lec, SHiNKiROU, Nechaken, Twill, and many others.

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