Metatyph, as drawn by his sister, Riaha_Qesca.

Metatyph is a member of Route 50 who enjoys video games, especially Pokemon.


Metatyph is a known lover of fire-types, taking the second half of his username from Typhlosion. Back in 2012, he created the group Fire Types United. His waifu is Yellow from Pokemon Adventures, though his obsession with her has varied over the years.

Metatyph enjoys drawing, but has yet to draw himself. His art is known for being exceptionally cute. Though he has two OCs, Cleone and Tempest, Metatyph avoids writing due to past embarassment.

Typh enjoys competitive battling in Pokemon, and holds Multi Battles with Maestra, Fexible, and Sparkleaf. He is known for his brutal usage of Mega Kangaskhan that almost always wipes the field.

He also asks people out by offering them Togekisses.



Metatyph was usually depicted with blue clothes and a straw hat.


As a Pokemon, Metatyph was sometimes portrayed as a Typhlosion

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