Michiko (路子 Michi-ko) is the official mascot of Route 50. She is in charge of announcements for the Stream.


Though Michiko went unnoticed for many years, she has proved quite popular with the site. She is cheerful and positive. The Eeveebot is her miniature robot helper.

She is said to have magical glitter powers.



Michiko was first designed by Frosti as her entry for the 2012 Mascot Contest. The staff selected Michiko's design (then referred to as "Techno Poncho") based on its versatility and potential to appeal to the most users.[1]


In 2016, the community voted to name the mascot "Michiko", meaning "Child of the Road", or alternatively, "Child of the Route". [2]


  • Frosti once drew Michiko holding a banner as part of Route Scouts.
  • Michiko appeared in Fate/route several times under the pseudonym "Pallet-chan".
  1. Kat's reasons for choosing the mascot design
  2. Navarr's reply to Zebora's suggestion

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