Navarr's Breeding Closet is one of the darkest and most secretive locations on Route 50, equivelant to a fully equipped Daycare Center. Occasionally, Navarr grabs two members (provided that they have Pokesonas) and/or characters and locks them into his closet, which results in the creation of a Pokemon Egg after a certain period of time has passed. Navarr is highly protective of the use of his closet, due to its controversiality and uniqueness. Even though he threw himself into it, he declared that he was "coming out of the closet."

List of Victims

  • Frosti and Spark
  • Spark and Twilla
  • Twill and Twilla
  • Insyte and Twilla
  • Twilla and Pope
  • Frosti and Necha
  • Fox and Navarr himself
  • Necha and Spark (thrown by Twill)
  • Ruby and Necha (thrown by Twill)

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