Combination picture of Necha's Poke-persona and her Pokesona sprite

Nechaken is a well-respected member of Route 50 and its resident phantom. She is a sprite, a sketch artist, and a prominent depicter of Pokesonas and/or human personas- particularly her "Poke-personas" (gijinkas, or a similar concept). Necha is a violet Froslass with Milotic ears for arms and a Milotic tail fan. Her Pokesona is one of the better-known 'sonas in the community. She typically carries around a sniper rifle or a flute headpiece as a weapon while floating around Route 50.

She is also a fan of Homestuck (and the other MSPAs as well), typically associating herself with Rose or Kanaya. Nechaken is particularly fond of the exiles.Several of Nechaken's friends include her cyber-sister Grovyle, Sparkleaf, Lil_Umbreon, Frosti, ChocolateEevee, Swotsy, Silvair, Coolio, and Twill.

1087 full

Necha's Pokesona sprite

Nechaken is a known crusader against sparkling vampires, shirtless werewolves, and gnawmblies. She is suspected to have recieved her ghost powers as Death's voluntary assassin against the Twi-tards.

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