Nepeta (a.k.a. Nep or Atar among other short-lived username changes, wow!) is a member of Route 50. She enjoys drawing and music, especially musical theatre and indie pop bands. She rarely appears in the Chat as of late but is fairly active in the Stream. Nep has been on Route 50 for seven years with varying levels of activity but has resorted to lurking more often then not.


does the epcot ball know she's beautiful

–Nepeta , May 24th, 2017

Nep is a generally friendly person (I hope?) and can be found socializing throughout the Stream.

Although possibly more well known for taking part in the Roleplays, that hasn't been the case for a while now as her activity in the Forums has dropped off quite a bit. She occasionally contributes to miscellaneous Forum games, however.

Nep can be found putting occasionally cryptic or just downright awful messages into the void of the Stream or submitting art to the Gallery and deleting it 15 minutes later.

It appears she is good friends with twiggy. She interacts with a handful of Route 50 members via Twitter more often.



i love the epcot ball more than life itself

Nep enjoys a wide variety of things, including musicals, marine biology, crime dramas, pre-20th-century European literature, and video games. She also often talks about how much she hates Gossip Girl (she doesn't) for some reason, along frequently professing how she is dating the Epcot ball.

Her life goal is to fight Josh Groban.


Nep's personas are as follows:

Persona: None, currently.

Pokesona: "Eeveeraptor", a shiny Staraptor with an Eevee's ears and tail. Most prominently used.

Fursona: "Pierogi", a blue dog/harbor seal hybrid. Named after Eastern European dumplings. Not to be confused with her character Regerald.


Nep works and volunteers at the Seattle Aquarium and is hoping to major in marine biology.

She has two birds and a dog.

Elsewhere On the Internet

Feel free to add Nep anywhere here, just please tell her who you are:

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