Shadow, ninja character from FFVI

A ninja is a type of warrior trained in the arts of ninjutsu, a highly secretive style of martial arts oriented around combat tactics which rely on stealth momements and swift attacks. They are the ultimate enemies of pirates and can wield a large variety of weapons from their arsenal, including but not limited to nihonto/ninjato (katanas), kunai, shuriken, smoke bombs, grappling hooks, and other unconventional tools at their disposal. Known ninjas at Route 50 include Pope (who specializes in the traditional "assassin" potrayal of ninjas), Twill (who is also a Paladin), and MysteriousVaporeon.

Ninjas generally reject modern or foreign weapons, such as guns; however, all ninjas on Route 50 occasionally resort to modern weaponry such as the Pokeray, bazookas, or the Box.

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