Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a magical girl anime that rips out your soul and grinds it into tiny little pieces. It has already claimed several dozen victims including Maestra, SkyWarrior, Frosti, twiggy, Sparkleaf, DarkPegusus, Luce, and Fexible (mostly).

do not watch if you like to think happy thoughts!!!


  • madoka/homura is everyone's otp
  • homuhomuhomu!!!!
  • grov often draws heself and her gf as madoka and homura (but i forget which as which)
  • meduka becomes meguca
  • sparks is against homura

magical girls

Around the internet, PMMM revitalized interest in the magical girl genre of anime and manga.

On Route 50, several members are or were viewed as magical girls sometimes

  • Cutie_Eevee (after seeing episode 8, didn't want to be a magical girl anymore)
  • MysteriousVaporeon (tricked into making a contract with Kyubey, creating FeMV)
  • Maestra (actually we think she's an incubator because she got us all to watch it, thanks a lot mae)
  • Sparkleaf (and i quote: "MAKE ME A MAGICAL VIXEN")
  • Frosti (but not a puella magi sort of magical girl)
  • Twill (Became a magical girl in exchange for the ability to nom anything.)

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