Turtle and Pope

Pope as depicted by Frosti; Swotsy is on his head for no apparent reason.

Pope is an EHQ v2 member of Route 50. He has deep roots in pop culture, and wants to be friends with everyone. He is always trying to improve his art, writing, music, and gaming skills. Pope is known for a exceedingly cheery disposition and an ability to incorporate fresh ideas into the Route 50 mythos. He is close friends with Frosti, IcyCastform, and Darklite.


Pope is known for his contributions to the Route 50 mythos, not least of which is coining the term "mythos". Although not the first to have a human persona, he popularized human personas during Route 50's launch in 2010.


  • "GHOOOOST" is one of Pope's identifying catchphrases, first inspired by page 62 of the webcomic Gunnerkrigg Court. Usage originated during EHQ's v3 era. It is generally used when it is extremely relevant to the topic at hand, or completely irrelevant.