RL (a.k.a. "Real Life" or "Offline" or "BRB Land", is an alternate plane of existence where almost nothing on this wiki exists. In this world, Kat is an ordinary citizen in the workforce, Xetaja goes to school, and roleplayers don't actually have magic powers. It is shockingly unaffected by the imagination. Or is it?

Many members of Route 50 dread, and even despise, the existence RL, believing themselves to be drastically inferior to their online counterparts. Others choose to embrace the laws of RL, and- figuratively speaking- become their corresponding cyberspatial selves.


Minimoose map

One Rt50 member's attempted rendition of "RL"

Note: The following information consists of popular, but unproven, urban myths related to the article's subject. Despite the fact that all creatures in cyberspace originate from this enigmatic realm, and that every person is fully aware of RL's existence, "real life" is frightening to many Rt50ites.

Laws of Physics

It is said that the laws of physics are shockingly nigh impossible to break in Real Life, with even the most dedicated roleplayers' powers of imagination. It is, however, suspected that RL is in fact NOT the same place as the planet Bob.


It is also said that RL is populated with creatures known as "parents", suspected to possess tremendous powers. Two of their more infamous talents are referred to as "grounding" and "confiscation". With devices known as "router shut-off switches", they can hold the power of life and death over a person, causing them to vanish from cyberspace.


Other rumors claim that RL is filled with prison camps referred to as "schools", which exemplify a detestable method of torture known as "homework". It is scientifically proven that this torture is deeply laborious, and causes various people to vanish from cyberspace for days on end.