Rootbears are mysterious creatures that are half bear, half barrel. 


When a rootbear growls, it sounds like a burp. Rootbears can also blow bubbles at will.

A rootbear resembles an ordinary brown bear wearing a barrel. Their tails resemble root beer taps.


Like all of Sky's typoes, they live in Sky's Mine, the tunnels from which they came. Rootbears typically eat growling trout.

Separately, MysteriousVaporeon created several rootbears as a source of root bear for AngelicUmbreon. These rootbears were made from actual root-beer barrel candies instead of barrels that were used for root beer

5 minutes agoCurvee: .then tell me what to do.. if thats the only way to put it together..
5 minutes agoSkyWarrior: draw all the eons
4 minutes agoSkyWarrior: and they're having a rootbear party cause thats the only way to party right
4 minutes agoCurvee: HEck TO THe No
4 minutes agoSkyWarrior: what
4 minutes agoSkyWarrior: rootbear is good.

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