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The Route 50 Gazette is the unofficial newspaper of Route 50. Around every month or so, a new issue launches that revolves around a theme. The gazette is a community project, meaning that any motivated member can join. Articles are made with several members from the site, and several artists make the illustrations.


The Gazette began when Akwardphobicsmileyabsol started the group "route 50 news". The goal was to make an interesting newspaper to entertain the several members of the website. Soon many members started joining the group, helping out.

Coolio became responsible for all articles in the gazette, she gives feedback to all the articles the members write, and writes alot of articles herself. She is an essential part in putting the newspaper together to a finished product and invests a lot of time in thinking up themes and ideas for future issues.

Miguel started taking care of the art and the engine for the newspaper. He designed the mascot Hershal, and puts the gazette together to make in one big flash comic. Miguel makes several illustrations, together with an amazing team of artists from the site.


These are the members that have contributed to the gazette so far:


Route 50 news group


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