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It's a race, it's a race, I'm winning, I'm winning!

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The Shoecar Race

Shoecar is a meme on Route 50 where someone takes a Pokemon plushie, sticks it in their shoe, and takes a picture of it, such that the plushie appears to driving. This was started by Frosti with her Raichu plushie during the Eevee's HQ era, prompting for the creation of the Shoe Club, co-founded by Frosti and ChocolateEevee. However, the Shoe Club did not recieve enough popularity and eventually died.

In more recent times, Frosti's Raichu shoecar picture surfaced on the Route 50 galleries, and was an instant hit. In response, Frosti created a sequel, the Shoecar Race picture, which invited others to create Shoecar pictures of their own.