Soda is a recurring beverage on Route 50.


During the classic Eevee's HQ era, Nick became infamous for his love of soda in general. It was never specified what type of soda he likes. However, too much soda is likely to transform Nick into his supervillain alter ego, Nickyn00.

Real Life

Soda Lover Meme

Sometimes a Rt50ite's love for a certain soda (in real life) has evolved into a recurring meme on Route 50.

  • Kat likes Pepsi.
  • Max likes Dr. Pepper.
  • Frosti likes peach soda.
  • Not a soda, but Twill likes sweet tea.

Other Soda Lovers

Of course, pretty much everyone loves soda, in one form or another. 

  • Pokey with Sunkist and Mtn Dew
  • Atar likes Fanta.

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