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As with all internet communities, Route 50 has a team of staff members who help to keep Route 50 clean and/or running smoothly.

Moderation Staff


Current: Kat, Xetaja

Administrators are the highest staff rank, and have authority over the site's rules and terms. The two administrators of Route 50 are Kat and Xetaja. In past years, administrators were also in charge of site development.


Current: Max, Sparky, Sparkleaf

Executives are the second-highest rank below Adminstrators. As site veterans, they are upper-level enforcers of the site's rules, and serve as role models for other members. They also have the power to post announcements to the Forums.


Current: Kstan, Bee, Fexible, Leopard

Directors, or global moderators, have moderation powers in all areas of the site. They patrol the site for members who break the site rules and discipline them accordingly.

As the rank was originally created for Kstan and Bee, many concluded that the rank was saved solely for exceedingly weird members of the site. Given the other staffers who have held this rank, they were probably right.

Non-Moderation Staff


Current: Navarr

Navarr is the site's hardworking developer and its curator. Having helped to build Route 50, he fixes glitches in the coding and implements new features when he can. He keeps the site functioning properly, or in some cases, functioning at all.


Current: Frosti, SkyWarrior

Frosti and SkyWarrior are the site's coordinators. Their job is to organize site events, such as contests.


Current: Blizzard, LostItem

Former Staff

  • Electron (former administrator/developer)
  • Nick (former moderator/executive/non-admin)
  • Aurore (former moderator)
  • Luce (former moderator)

During the EHQ v1 and v2 eras, many other members served as staff, but rarely visit Route 50 today.


  • When there are at least four staff members in the chat and they outnumber the number of non-staff members, this is (unofficially) known as a staff invasion.
  • Originally, the moderation team had a rank below Director, simply called "Moderator". Whereas Directors have power in all site areas, Moderators were assigned to specific areas. However, as the staff's size shrank, all moderators were consolidated into a single rank.
  • During Xetaja's attempt to create a staff calendar, some Routians suggested drawing the male staffers in maid cosplay. Max and Sparky both warmly welcomed this suggested (in spite of, and in fact because of, their "manly" reputation), while Sparkleaf was less agreeable at the time. Max indicated that his maid outfit should include thigh-high boots.

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