Stopping the Ending Battle (StEB) is a roleplay on Route 50, owned by Maestra. It is about a group of trainers who gather together to prevent the destruction of the world from Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Arceus; several of the characters establish bonds with their legendary Pokemon.

StEB is the longest ongoing RPs in the community's history, lasting five years from 2009 until 2014 and 42 pages. It is considered by many to be the Trainer equivelant of PttR. Unlike its Pokemon character cousin, StEB is filled with teh lulz many comic relief scenes that have been integrated with Route 50 culture.

Maestra has expressed interest in rewriting the roleplay as a fanfic.


Name Team Player Sex Other
Patchouli Maestra F Connected to Uxie.
Nicole SkyWarrior F Connected to Dialga
Marina Hana-Chan F Connected to Palkia
Madison Frosti F Connected to Azelf.
Alder SkyWarrior M
Blagden SkyWarrior M
Chris Twill M Connected to Giratina
Katelin  Twill F
Kara Moon95 F Connected to Mesprit
Seth Pope M
Andrew Pope M Seth's older brother
Slick Sparkleaf M Connected to Arceus
Reiko Maestra F

Priceless Moments

  • Patchouli throws a book at Seth
  • Chris gives Nicole CPR without realizing who she is
  • Nicole finds a sleepwalking Galactic grunt who mistakes her for his mother; when Chris and Seth laugh, Nicole kicks them in the shins
  • Madison's Froslass startles Alder at breakfast
  • Patchouli throws a book at Chris (in reference to the previous book throwing)
  • Nicole and Blagden each tear a page out of Katelin's diary and feed it to Nicole's Dragonite
  • Nicole, Chris, Blagden, Katelin, and several of their respective Pokemon all participate in a "chase line" at Lake Acuity
  • Kara and Slick distract Alder, causing him to fall out of a tree and land on Madison
  • Slick uses Arceus' creation powers to create... a pebble

StEB in Route 50 Culture

Other Roleplays

  • In PokePark (based off the Wii game of the same name), Nicole, Chris, Katelin, and Slick return as a Flareon, a Glaceon, an Umbreon, and a respectively, seemingly transformed by Twill himself.
  • In Pokemon High School, Rosemary and Roke are unofficially the Antis of Nicole and Chris respectively.
  • In StEB itself, Seth mentions PttR as a TV show, in a tribute to the other roleplay's completion.

Continuity with Fan Fiction

  • Chris and Katelin of StEB are based off of, but not the same as, Chris and Bre of PMD:FM.
  • Slick of StEB is based off, but not the same as, Slick of LotE.
  • In the EHQ Saga, Dialga and Palkia escape, and are featured in the final battle with Chrona.
  • A fan fiction that Maestra currently is planning coded "Nothing" will take place 25 years after StEB.

Miscellaneous Trivia

  • The characters linked to Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit are collectively nicknamed "furniture". (May be a reference to the Umineko no Naku Koro Ni game series, which Maestra is a fan of.)
  • Maestra enjoys referencing Patchouli's use of books as weapons, often throwing books at random people or firing them from Book Guns.