Tace is the personification of Master Hand, the main antagonist of the Super Smash Bros series. He is known for being [AnExploding]Ruby[Pikachu]'s stalker, father and crush, as well as overall being excessively (creepy closet-y murderous What is his actual personality again?).


He is a male human of at least over 6" in height. He appears to be quite fit, if on the thin side. His skin is quite pale compared to average human skin. He has semi-narrow eyes which are ice-blue in color. His black hair is kept short and well-combed, a part of it laying in the middle of his face next to his left eye.

He typically wears a long, black coat over a white cotton shirt, with white jeans that are held up by a belt; its brooch adorning the Smash Bros symbol. His shoes are some undefined black shoe that are probably fancy leather with defined heels and padded insides or something. He always wears a white glove over his right hand, for reasons he refuses to explain (other than that he's freaking Master Hand, of course).


blah blah blah demigod/deity blah mysterious blah blah creator of worlds blah blah blah mirrors blah blah blah selfish jerkass Tabuu blah blah blah daughter blah Route 50 blah blah closet blah blah blah sexy blah.


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