Note: This is not to be confused with TEMCO.

That Company, Ltd., is a large company that produces various products sold in Route 50 convenience stores. These products are often demonstrated by Maestra, who also performs contracted advertising services for That Company. The interior structure of the corporation is incredibly secretive, to the point that few employees have ever seen the C.E.O., Mr. That. However, unlike other companies with products on Route 50 shelves, That Company has a steady product listing.

MysteriousVaporeon often harvests souls and sells them to That Company, which often uses souls in its various products. He also aids in manufacturing many of That Company's weapon products.

List of Products

  • "Whatever Kitsune's Favorite Food Is" (All 31 flavours!)
  • Book Gun
  • Book Sword
  • Book Laser
  • Book Minigun
  • Excalibook
  • Soul Stealing Book
  • Sparkling Twilight Vampire leather jackets
  • Book Rifle
  • Book Cannon
  • Edible Book
  • Canned cheese
  • Book bombs, complete with that annoying beeping detonation warning

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