The Box is an extremely rare artifact that is completely indestructible and impervious to all attacks. It was created from a god-mod bubble by Pope and can manipulate time and space to a degree. Thus, the inside of the Box has much greater spatial capacity than its outside appearance would suggest. Within the Box lies the Vault, a large filing complex in which Pope stores a wide variety of items and papers. It was commonly used by Pope to hide from dangers (i.e. Sky's wrath). The Box was the only means of survival for Pope during his eight-month experience in Highway 100, as well as being his only shelter (aside from his box garage, which is decorated like a Japanese temple). It also acted as the location of his sprite shop.

Current location?

Despite the Box having served Pope well, he realized that it was godmodding to possess such an artifact, and chose to retire it from common usage. Thus, he placed the Box within itself, resulting in a spatial paradox that few can break through, and turned to cardboard boxes for dwelling spaces. Although Pope has pulled out the Box several times since its retirement, he has stored the structure back inside itself after each occasion, preventing abuse of the Box by unruly members. The Box currently rests within itself still, dutifully awaiting the next time that its master will require its use.