The mansion is a large residence created by Mysteriousvaporeon using a building generator. Its occupants are MysteriousVaporeon, Maestra, Metatyph, Fexible, SealedShadows, Sparkleaf, Frosti, and thekingofpillowland.

Early on In Its conception It was stated that thekingofpillowland was the householder, and he used this position to declare folding chairs abominations and then ban them from the bulding. MV however continuously redesigned the building, the residents had mixed feelings about this, particularly Metatyph who was forced to bunk with Fexible. But was satisfied when he acquired both a "love room" and a workshop, which were each quickly taken away.


Bathroom - Owned by MysteriousVaporeon, humorously it was the only room he owned, forcing him to sleep outside.

Butsuma - Owned by Sparkleaf, it was hardly mentioned.

Dressing room - Owned by Frosti, it was hardly mentioned, and quickly replaced.

Propensity clinic - Owned by Maestra, it was hardly mentioned.

"The Lab" - Owned by SealedShadows, easily the most discussed room, Shad refused to allow anybody in. It was continuously stated to be a horrible place and this was eventually proven when thekingofpillowland sneaked in against Shad's wishes and it apparently scared him so much he refused to say what was in there. It was also notable for the large amount of small animals that escaped from it and subsequently infested the mansion.

"Love room" - Owned by Metatyph, its purpose and contents were a mystery to the other residents. However it was quickly removed the next time the mansion poly-morphed.

Secondary Products room - Owned by Thekingofpillowland, it was a room of unknown proportions that contained large numbers of objects, each one was a next-best alternative to something that was not inside the room. The limits of what the room could contain were not touched upon, and thekingofpillowland even went as far as declaring that his room contained a secondary lab, when Shad's was temporarily lost.

Workshop - Owned by Metatyph, like the "Love room" it was quickly removed.

Bedrooms - Each resident was also the owner of a personal bedroom. With the exceptions of MysteriousVaporeon, who had to sleep outside (he was given the option of sleeping in the fridge but refused.) Metatyph and Fexible, who had to bunk. Maestra and SealedShadows, who also had to bunk. and possibly Sparkleaf, as it was once mentioned that he could simply sleep on a pile of his fanfictions, to which he agreed.

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